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The Hummm at OBERON

The American Repertory Theater's OBERON presents: The Hummm

Devised by Katherine Wright, Sarah Paton, Janice Amaya, and Ali Stoner. A wild and riotous deconstruction of Chekhov's classic play, Three Sisters, performed with just four actors. Created using the “etude” style of devising inspired by their work abroad at The Moscow Art Theater while studying at the A.R.T. Institute, this piece explores themes of success, sisterhood, and loneliness both in the world of the play and present day. The production transports the audience to a surreal world in which the classically bottled-up passions of Chekhov’s characters are released. Part classic, part fever dream - The Hummm is an exciting mix of dance, clowning, and improv, all tied together by a vibrant soundtrack and performed live by our composer, DJ Fedor Sokolov.

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