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Like a Queen, or Whatever at Jersey City Theatre Center

Katherine will be playing the role of Carl in a reading of Grant MacDermott's touching, intuitive, and resonant new play, Like a Queen, or Whatever at the Jersey City Theatre Center.


Liz and Mary do not like each other, especially since Liz slapped Mary in drama class. As a result, Mary is having Liz expelled from school thanks to the influence of her very rich father. To protest, Liz rallies her supporters in dressing as the peasants Mary labels them as. In rebellion, Mary adorns a Queen costume. The play takes a dark turn bringing the mysticism into reality when Liz takes Mary's crown and imprisons her in the basement. Dialogue shifts into Elizabeth British accent and in iambic pentameter as the two girls fight to be queen of the school. But how far will they go in order to rule?

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